Children are the foundation when it comes to nation building. Spook Media Studio is concerned about child development and foresaw the need to build the community in providing a caring environment for children to participate in learning activities.

Learning has never been this fun. The program is offered to children age 7-15 on a monthly basis. A rotation roster ensures that a fair share of children get the chance to experience how computers function.

Our mission is achieved through smiles and warm hugs we receive from the children. We do this by encouraging young minds and feeding their curiosity with valuable skills such as computer competency. We encourage parents to engage with the children in homework activities. We monitor the children’s progress through the report that children give us. When a child is improving and their attitude becomes more positive, our job is done.

The organization is self-funded through profits generated by the studio. Each month a budget is allocated specifically for the improvement of educational activities.


Educational activities:

  • Team work is our main priority when it comes to lessons we offer the children
  • In everything we teach the children, team-work is our main priority
  • We help children learn basic typing skills
  • We teach them the basics of Microsoft Word
  • We teach them how to use Google search engine on the internet
  • We teach them about communication skills which boost their confidence



Our staff is thoroughly trained. They are passionate about education and the well-being of children. This ensures that children receive individual attention and the best from the lessons. If you are willing to volunteer, between age 18-25, have patience for children and don’t mind doing our week-long training.

Come join our crew!

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