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Get Geared up with Spook Gear

“When I was growing up people use to call me spook which meant ghost”, Spook relates in reference to his inquisitive as a child. Leonard Saka is the ultimate triple threat:  Art Director, owner and designer of his own clothing line, and big into music production.

From Malawi he moved to Joburg to live with his father and pursue a creative career. His clothing is influenced by two rich cultures that come together to produce Afrikan Spook Gear. The brand has been leaving African prints on the streets through the likes of young people rocking it with no fear. A few celebs such as with AKA and Treasor to name a few, Remember that Mount Everest video?

Having studied at GP College and graduated he tried applying for a job. Facing the reality that many young South Africans deal with, not finding not finding one gave him the opportunity to start his own business. And so began the story humble beginnings of a struggling artist trying to get his brand out there and friends calling him with ideas like,“Hey Spook let us promote your brand” but always wanting things for free.This wasn’t his vision, but it didn’t get in the way of his success nonetheless…  During the journey of finding himself as an artist he bumped into what he calls “fate” when he saw a board advertising rental space. Hope grew in his heart through connections, working part time at an event company to hosting his first gig.

He sold his equipment and moved into his own place in Yoeville and later started Spook Media Studios. In following a dream his face lightens, “You create opportunity. It doesn’t come in one day.” Ideas seemed to snowball in his head about what else could he do to expand his business. A call from a friend led to him working at the House of Barbar in Maboneng. He started attending events and displayed his clothing outside the restaurant and to his surprise they sold out. “I didn’t sleep that night.”

The love for clothing came through him selling his own clothes to his friends. He continues to strive to where he wants his business to be. Starting a business was the best fit that goes in hand with an idea in mind, persistence and his love for graphic design.

Swing by Spook Gear at 263 Main Street, Maboneng. Buy something ill at reasonable price nogal!

The brand story

Spook gear is a Jozi rider who listens to the sounds of street culture. Inspired by art, geared up in style and back packing an identity that is leaving footprints around every corner. A free spirit always chasing the good vibe.  The very cap where the party is rocking with no fear, decked in night jackets. Morning shorts come in vibrant personalities that are forever young and enthusiastic about life. The trick of keeping a cool head, even when the wind has no chill is what makes us awesome. That’s why they still see you through shades!

Freedom of expression is on lock down!






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