PUMA RS-X TRACKS: Talking Music with Spook Lenzo

A lover of fashion and music, Spook Lenzo takes us through the trials and tribulations of his musical journey and shares his tips and tricks for managing his busy life.

To go with his story Spook Lenzo laced up the ‘Gray Violet / Charcoal Gray’ PUMA RS-X Tracks– and how do the kicks relate to the music culture? PUMA has been doing well in blending an active lifestyle with musical creativity since the beginning of time as music and sneakers have always been a combination.

This time around, PUMA is honouring the power of the art that is ‘MUSIC’ – the RS-X Tracks is an obvious testament to this relationship between sneakers and music as PUMA has taken its creative process to the new level, embedding and combining activeness into music from creation to performance.

Evolution is exactly what the RS-X is about and that’s why the popular model was chosen as the base for this story.

Name: Spook Lenzo
City: Joburg
Interests: Art, Music, and Fashion

How did you get the name Spook?
I started using this name when I was in high school. That was like my a.k.a  name “Spook Lenzo. This was the times when Gandhi Square was a place for young people from different schools could meet up and network after school. Dope activities were happening at Gandhi every Friday without a memo,  so since I was schooling at Highlands North, I was caught up in those vibes and had to have a dope name as a beatboxer…Lol.

Basically, my real name is Leonard, the gave me my grandfathers who passed on before I was born. So I discovered he is a ghost So I took that I’m the living “Spook” that’s where the whole concept of my name comes from.

Tell us about your music journey and how did it all start?

My love for music started at a young age. I remember those moments my dad would bump that good music like Reggae, Jazz and Hip Hop and many more other records so that inspired my love for music.

At a later stage (around 2012) that’s when I got interested in learning how to create music beats – got myself some equipment for my first ever music studio which was located in Yeoville, ever since I have been doing best to improve my production and rapping skills.

In this digital age where almost everything is just a click away – how has the digital world/internet helped you build your music career?

Internet helps me a lot in my music career and business. Like when I started making beats I was clueless and platforms like YouTube came through for me and it was easy to search something like “How to make beats for beginners” lol that s**t was so helpful.


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